And We Are Not Saved: A Reflection on Charlottesville

By / August 12, 2017

Although the events in Charlottesville are deplorable, I really don’t understand why anyone is surprised by this behavior. I am not saying this just because of the hateful and reckless rhetoric spewing from the White House that has encouraged it.  Rather, I say it as a student of history.  If you find yourself shocked by… Read more

Why I Don’t Care That Sessions Is Going After Affirmative Action

By / August 3, 2017

  I considered writing about the incredible irony that a challenge to affirmative action is being brought by a presidential cabinet made up primarily of wholly incompetent white men whose rise to power was made possible because of their race, gender, and socio-economic background. But that would be too obvious. I also contemplated discussing why… Read more

Yes The Officer Who Killed Philando Castile Was Actually Afraid

By / June 28, 2017

          And that is the problem. As I watch the dash cam video, it is clear to me that Officer Yanez was afraid. However, what is not clear to me is the reason. Why was he so terrified? Was it because Mr. Castile was coming towards him in an aggressive manner?… Read more

What Type of Racist Are You?

By / June 7, 2017

America likes to think of race and racism in a very simplistic way. However, racism appears in various forms. Below are three types of racist I have encountered in my work as a civil rights lawyer and my life as a black woman in America. Do you fall into one of these categories? Overt Racist… Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Expect Justice For Philando Castile

By / May 31, 2017

Yesterday was the first day in the trial against Officer Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who shot and killed Philando Castile. As you may recall, Castile’s death occurred last summer during a string of police involved shootings that seemed to erupt simultaneous throughout the country. Alton Sterling had been killed only a day or so earlier…. Read more

Happy Memorial Day!

By / May 29, 2017

  Happy Memorial Day from Palooke’s World! I would like to thank and honor all the service members, and fighters of all kind, who sacrificed so much for this country! See you all next week when Mindful Mondays return! –Until Next Time– Palooke

Is The NAACP Dead?

By / May 24, 2017

  I was tempted to title this post “Is The NAACP Still Relevant?” but that question is almost laughable. I cannot recall the last time the NAACP spearheaded a national campaign addressing a major issue impacting black people. They have been too busy having symbolic funerals for the word “nigger,” inviting racist Donald Sterling to… Read more

Accept People For Who They Are Now Not Who You Think They Can Be

By / May 22, 2017

  I am a dreamer; I love to dream. Sometimes my dreams are an expression of my hopes. Other times they are a manifestation of my worries. In my dreams people are what I wish them to be, not necessarily how they are. Their flaws are smoothed out, and they live fully in their potential…. Read more

Let It Go!

By / May 15, 2017

  Let it go! Whatever it is you are holding on to, just let it go. Whether it is a bad relationship, anger, hurt, unforgiveness, pride, self-pity, regret or envy, let it go. Do not spend another moment carrying that burden. Life is meant to be experienced within a wide range of emotions. But no… Read more

The Hottest Week In July Part I: The Shooting

By / May 12, 2017

Part I: The Shooting (This story may contain language offensive to some. Parental discretion is advised) Tragedy is always an unwelcomed guest on the journey of life; striking suddenly and without warning. One moment you are blithely living under the illusion that you are immune to life’s harsh realities. Then in an instant your illusion… Read more

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